Sunday, July 10, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe 2011-07-07: The Art of War

Private Equity firm KKR buys domain registrar Go Daddy in cyberspace seizure, controls Kindercare learning centres. Are bells Ba'als in our churches? Christopher Shale death on the crime blotter. Prince Charles' secret meetings. £500 million pounds missing from the Olympics already. China buying into Facebook and Australia. Largest U.S. corporations founded by Russians. Google facing wire tap rap. TDL botnet on the loose. Hackers kill Obama on Fox tweet. Poles vote against abortion. Christians battle ACLU. Private school consortium Apollo rakes in billions of tax dollars. Colorado Senator crosses the line and kills pregnant mother. Gun rights restoration for mental patients. Low energy nuclear reactors (cold fusion) to be marketed in Greece. Hemingway driven to madness by the FBI. Artificial meat is soylent brown. The Iraqi genocide. TSA gets cancer in karma wave. Strauss Kahn and the hooker honey pot. Fukushima a nuclear attack. Weapons disguised as 1,000 pound cameras installed. No quake damage before tidal wave in hardest hit area. On Conspiracy Cafe The Art of War.

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