Sunday, May 22, 2011

Freeman on the Land - Reclaim your sovereignty

Freeman on the Land - Rob teaches few tricks that could work in Canada about living as a sovereign citizen , get your student loans paid drive a vehicle without plates and without a drivers license , stop feeding the beast you are complaining about , the politicians and bureaucrats are public servants and are there to serve you not to harass you , ...all this is fine although I believe that the beast has grown too big that it became out of control , the governments have become tyrannical they can make laws and cancel laws at well nobody can stop them and we have as many right as the government is willing to give us , we do not control the government the banks do , the government is not there to serve us but to serve the interests of lobbyist and international bankers ...the government can take some or all of our rights with one excuse or another and all in with the excuse of protecting us , if you decide to become a sovereign citizen , good luck with getting away with it ...

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