Thursday, August 26, 2021

How Many Millions will the C0vid Cult Kill Before People Wake Up?

Bob Moriarty

Aug 26, 2021

"People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult. But everyone else can tell." Oliver Markus Malloy

Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.

We are in the midst of the largest assault on liberty in the history of the world. Twenty months ago most people in the world were free to travel without restriction, interact with others without government controls and were about as free as any time in history.

Now in response to a fake pandemic you cannot go to a restaurant in France without hearing, “Papiere, bitte” and should you not immediately produce the required documentation you can be fined and even sent to prison. No doubt that will come to the US very soon.

While it is popular to call this a “pandemic” that is not correct. This is not the Black Death or even the Spanish Flu. All governments as far as I can see have been lying about just how dangerous it really is from the very beginning. The “Experts” were predicting mass deaths. They were off by at least ten fold and never admitted just how wrong they were. For all purposes many governments pretty much shut down their economies putting billions of people into economic peril.

Let me state one more time just so you get it. This is nothing more than a bad-fucking flu. Those most at risk were those over eighty, overweight, black and Vitamin D deficient. You can’t do much about your age except check out should you wish. Diets are hard to stick to and just like your sex; you are stuck with the color you were born with.

But how many governments bothered telling their citizens, “If you take Vitamin D and a Zinc supplement to get it into the cells you may well prevent what is nothing more than a bad flu?”

And for the sheep feeling as if they need to correct me on the real danger of the flu you need to whine to Doctor Fauci and the NIH. It was their bright idea to fund “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab and then to lie to Congress to cover it up.

The probability is very high that in fact the Wuhan Flu was in fact an American Bio-terror weapon aimed at China and Iran. Most people, I suspect, will still recall that China was hit first and hardest but Iran was right behind them. Ron Unz has written extensively and I believe convincingly about the probability of this being nothing less than a CIA bright idea.

There is a simple reason I call this a bad flu. We know how to prevent it and governments won’t talk about it. We know two inexpensive ways to cure it. The CDC, of course, has overstated the deaths by 1500%. Candidly they admit that only 6% of the recorded deaths were FROM Covid with the remaining 94% WITH Covid. And the 94% with Covid is also total bullshit as even the CDC now admits the PCR test will show a false positive for any recent prior cold or flu. Even Fauci, the hopeless liar, admits the cycle rate was set far too high. So all of the numbers you think you understand for number of deaths and number of cases, throw them out the window. You were lied to at every step of the way.

A 22-week preemie dying is not a Covid death. A heart attack is not a Covid death, a stroke is not a Covid death, and a bullet into the brain between the running lights is not a Covid death. In the US the government paid hospitals extra money to call deaths “Covid.” According to the CDC the 94% “WITH” Covid numbers also shared 2.6 comorbidities. That means they were dying of either or both of 2.6 other serious medical issues. When you remove all the bullshit and lying, it was just another year with a bad flu.

All of the treatment given patients was designed from maximum profit to the medical profession and least to the welfare of the patients. I can accept that in the first few months of the “Covid Cult” that no one knew how to treat those ailing. But it wasn’t long before real doctors were experimenting with novel treatments.

A French doctor tried treating his patients with a drug that has been around for sixty-five years called by its initials HCQ. Since Orange Man said good things about it, Fauci and the Ministry of Truth attacked HCQ at once. But no doubt by pure coincidence, the French had allowed sale of HCQ over the counter until January 1, 2020. Does it work to prevent death from Covid? Ask Tanzania with 68 million people who pretty much take a $.35 pill of HCQ once a week to prevent malaria. Tanzania has had 50 deaths from Covid. Total. Because of HCQ but should you mention it in an interview you will be deplatformed by Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. They are looking out for your interests no doubt.

And Fauci simply forgot or failed to mention that he coauthored a medical paper in 2005 praising HCQ as an anti-viral agent. How amazing, he was lying about that too.

Then later last year one of the few remaining real doctors pointed out that he had great success treating patients with Ivermectin. There have been 39 different studies on Ivermectin all of whom concluded the drug properly prescribed could prevent up to 75% of deaths. An Israeli doctor concluded patients could be treated for less than $1 a day with the drug. If you mention Ivermectin in an interview, the Ministry of Truth will promptly silence you. You are not allowed to know that there are simple and cheap solutions to a bad flu.

The French somehow knew what the future would bring. The posters now found in every French eatery demanding “Papiere, bitte” were designed before the first Covid patient was discovered in France. That was in January of 2020 with no French patients to be seen yet. But they also called the mechanism a “Covid” Passport months before Covid was named. It must have been magic, I suppose. Unless you understand this whole Covid Cult bullshit was preplanned.

There is so much data today showing that this has been long since planned by Bill Gates and Fauci. Patents were filed twenty years ago on gain of function changes to various viruses. Gates even held a planning secession, convention in the fall of 2019. What marvelous timing. Gates has been caught in a video smirking as he bragged about making a twenty-fold return on his investment in “vaccines.” Does that asshole really need more money that he would kill people to get it?

Alas, the best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley. I’ve written about ten articles about the virus and talked in interviews about what we knew at the time and what I surmised. I got it far more right than anyone else on the outside. Fourteen months ago I said they would never have a “vaccine” because like all viruses, they mutate. Now we are being told that people who have not had the shot can somehow magically make the virus more dangerous. Those dumb enough to believe that nonsense have obviously not looked at a chart of the new cases being identical to that of people taking the shot. In other words as many doctors have suggested in the past, having the experimental gene therapy shot gives you a greater chance of catching the virus in the future.

In short while there are many serious studies showing that both HCQ and Ivermectin can cure Covid, the “vaccine” not only doesn’t prevent the disease, it makes it more likely and probably more deadly. It appears to me that governments such as that of France, New Zealand and Australia and some states in the US are panicking because the number of deaths from the shot is skyrocketing and may soon go curvilinear as the long-term effects of ADE kick in.

Literally ADE means the body starts to attack itself. One study in Israel of pregnant women showed that 82% of the women given the shot in the 1st and 2nd Trimester of pregnancy suffered miscarriages. Should that percentage continue, it means we are headed for a giant depopulation and are going to enter the Dark Ages 2.0.

Here’s what I think now. This was a deliberate plan on the part of the Elites to force the Great Reset. Once you understand that simple fact, you know what the future is going to be.

I understand the rich and the elite. I went through high school in Fort Worth and we had all the rich kids whose fathers had made their fortune in the East Texas oil fields. The rich kids knew they were smarter than the rest of us because their families were rich. The elite are the same. They believe having lots of dollars means you also have lots of sense.

Alas, it doesn’t work that way. Many fortunes are as much an accident as anything else. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were accidents where they got involved in computers just when the need arose for better operating systems. Steve Jobs stiffed Steve Wozniak out of his half of payment from Nolan Bushnell and followed up by refusing to take a paternity test when his girlfriend got pregnant with his daughter Lisa. Apple was a great computer company run by a sociopath. Bill Gates signed a deal licensing DOS to IBM when he didn’t own it. Then turned around and paid $75,000 to the guy who did own it. Gates and his foundation have been booted from both India and Africa after peddling vaccines that did more harm than good. Sound familiar?

The elite got into power by lying, stealing and cheating. The brilliant military mind of George Bush Junior came up with the great idea of invading Afghanistan even though the country had nothing to do with 911 and then followed up with an invasion of Iraq who also had nothing to do with 911. The WSJ, NYT and WP all fully supported the dumbest military moves in American history that have led to a complete financial and moral bankruptcy of the US. Bush’s only claim to fame was that he was a drunk and a crack head until he was forty and a draft dodger.

Then Obama supported the same insane wars that had not a chance of having a good ending for the US. His claim to fame was that he was the Pusher Man back in high school and cast no shadow until the Democrats got him into office. His latest role is power behind the throne for a president who barely remembers his own name.

Trump was another draft dodger and a sock puppet for the Zionist lobby. Whatever the Neocon war criminals wanted, he did. He lied about where and when he made his fortune. Hell, he lied about everything, I’m not sure he ever told the truth about anything.

Then we had the election of 2020 that was easily the most corrupt in US history. The MSM still pretends Biden won the election even though there is a serious question of does he even still understand he is president. Any questions about his qualifications died in the Graveyard of Empires.

These people are all sociopaths and liars. They will do anything for more power. They think it’s time that they create a worldwide empire where they control everything and everyone. The whole Covid Cult bullshit is about their control of people.

The French began by refusing access to any dining, or bars, and movie theaters or any sporting events as well as malls if their citizens could not produce proof of “vaccination.” What the “vaccinated” don’t understand is that if those not “vaccinated” can be refused access to perfectly normal activities, so can they. It turns government into a totalitarian dictatorship. All in the name of fighting a bad flu.

But everything the governments have said from the gitgo was a lie. Masks didn’t prevent the flu, social distancing didn’t prevent the flu, lockdowns didn’t prevent the flu, and worst of all, not only does the “vaccine” not prevent or cure the flu, it makes it worse.

Pick up any history book and in it will be contained one story after another of how the elites fucked up the world. They are doing it again. They not only talk just to each other, they listen only to each other. If perfectly ordinary citizens who are concerned with their families, their health, their freedom and their countries don’t stand up soon all freedom will be extinguished.

A few souls are starting to stand up and speak out. Support them. I read that the truckers in Australia are going to shut down the country starting this Sunday. It’s a start. Now if some majors and colonels in our own Armed Forces would reread their oath of office and grow some balls we could turn this fur ball into a rebirth of freedom and independence.

The “vaccine” doesn’t work. It has already killed tens of thousands of people around the world. It is making the flu worse. How many millions are going to have to die in the name of a Great Reset before people understand owning nothing and owing nothing is the definition of a slave.

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