Sunday, November 15, 2020

Canada's Justin Trudeau Has Joined The Conspiracy Theorists

Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has just come out publicly confirming now that Trump is out of the way, they will bring about the Great Reset. They will achieve equality by reducing the wealth and employment of the middle class while the superrich will become the overlords of this new normal. They are deliberately destroying the economy to create economic chaos for they believe they can rebuild it GREEN and end the disparity of income which is Communism 3.0. There have been leaked letters many say are fake because Trudeau had come out and had to deny them three times. They have said what he is saying just with more detail.

There is a great risk that they will seize all assets and you will own nothing precisely as Klaus Schwab has been telling these leaders when they come to his World Economic Forum at Davos. Schwab and Thomas Piketty are out to conquer the world and force Marxism once again by sheer authoritarianism/tyranny. They have used this fake pandemic to terrorize people in order to collapse the economy. These politicians no longer represent us – they have crossed the line into despots. They do not believe in capitalism, freedom, and human rights. We are the great unwashed, unworthy to be considered for we are too ignorant to know what is best for us or our family.

Their promises of utopia even Lenin knew were false claims. They wish to strip us of all freedom, keep us locked down to destroy our jobs and the fossil fuel industry, and then for survival hand us basic guaranteed income. If we dare to object, they will cut off all funds and starve us to death.

Trudeau has confirmed that Canada is on track for the 2030 Agenda following the World Economic Forum. Those who foolishly voted for Biden will soon realize they voted against their own self-interest, employment, their families, and their posterity. Listen to the words of Trudeau, then listen to Schwab’s 8 predictions for 2030 that Trudeau has just endorsed. All the European leaders are also on board as are the Democrats in the USA. Biden will declare a national lockdown in February and it will not be for just 4 to 6 weeks.

For those who think this is all BS, you better start opening your eyes and your mind or you WILL lose EVERYTHING! We do not have a lot of time left. They will suspend elections next come 2022.

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