Wednesday, March 14, 2018

C2C March 11, 2018 NDE & Roswell / Soul Contracts

Jeremy Kagan is a director, writer, and producer of feature films and television and a tenured professor of Cinema at the University of Southern California. He joined Lisa Garr (email) in the first half to discuss a near-death experience he had which profoundly changed him. He also revealed his thoughts on the Roswell incident after researching it more than 20 years ago for a film he directed on the subject. Kagan's first NDE experience was in a Lakota Sioux sweat lodge, where he held his breath for so long that he spontaneously entered a near death state. He recalled a "cloudy tunnel" with presences all around, which he felt were ancestors of his. When he returned to his body, he felt "the energy of everything around me" and "an absolute pure and open heart towards everything." His views on the meaning and conduct of life had changed permanently.

Kagan directed and co-produced the 1994 Showtime film Roswell and recalled that the executives in charge imposed a rule to include only those facts of the case that were remembered by at least two original witnesses. Lisa Garr suggested a 25-year special edition re-release to coincide with recent developments in possible UFO openness by he U.S. government. Kagan believes that there are other beings or intelligences that communicate with us, but does not use the term "aliens" because he says "we limit it when we try to define it." He believes he's had personal experience with this type of interaction. He also discussed his film Shot, which is an intimate portrait from a gunshot victim's point of view of how this trauma affects one's physical and emotional life.

What if you could shift the course of your life by clearing karmic blocks and soul contracts with ease? Lisa Barnett, author and teacher with more than 20 years' experience in spiritual transformation, shared powerful methods to assist with life choices and the healing of fears and trauma using the Akashic Records, which she says hold "your soul story through time immemorial.” Barnett says she used to work with the Records to help herself and her clients gain a greater perspective and help to clarify and correct problems in their lives. One day, she recalls, she "got this very clear mandate…to bring the Akashic records back to the planet." She says that the access to the Records was made more difficult because during the "dark ages," people were misusing their information, but that this is changing now.

Barnett recalled that she had a different view of religion and spirituality in her childhood and began to read volume after volume of books on these subjects to "prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy." She now teaches others to access these Records in order to heal their psychic wounds and life errors. She employs a five-step wisdom prayer system that allows people to have a conversation with their Akashic Record Keepers who help to answer spiritual questions. She says that the Record Keepers have informed her that 2017 seemed like such a challenging year for many people because "we are letting go of our old stories" and that in the next few years, our "old traumas are coming up to be released once and for all."

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