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C2C January 25, 2018 Nuclear Threats, Sea Turtles, & Alien Experiences

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed nuclear threats, how global warming is turning baby green sea turtles female, and an update on a US Army Sergeant's UFO and alien experiences. After the recent false 'ballistic missile threat' in Hawaii caused panic and confusion, Linda spoke with Scott Portzline, Chairman of the Three Mile Island Security Alert Committee and nuclear power security and safety investigator, to update the public on what they should do if a real nuclear missile attack happens. In the event of a genuine nuclear attack, he advised people to go as far underground as possible, but children and animals should not be placed under manhole covers into the sewer because toxic gases can build up there.
One should avoid looking directly at a nuclear blast through a window as the blazing light can cause blindness, Portzline cautioned. If you have fallout particles on you, you should bury your clothes, and take several showers, he continued. Portzline also talked about the dangers of an EMP attack which could affect a large area, and how the Pentagon is considering nuclear retaliation against perpetrators of a possible grid-destroying cyberattack. More info: Part 1, Part II.
Warming sea and land temperatures are turning 88% of baby green sea turtles female. Scientists are now investigating the fact that the temperature outside a turtle egg influences the sex of the growing embryo. Linda spoke with biologist David Owens, Ph.D., who warned that in this century there may not be enough males in sea turtle populations and their extinction could threaten entire marine ecosystems.
In her fourth segment, she spoke with an Army sergeant identified as Sgt. 'J.S. Jones,' who said he had a series of UFO and alien experiences while serving at Fort Knox in Kentucky in July 2003. He recently began receiving telepathic downloads about Antarctica, the moon and Mars from the same aliens, and he believes they continue to monitor him and consider him to be an experimental subject. "Antarctica is a giant library, and it was left on purpose for us to find," said Jones, but governments have covered up the discovery which includes tram cars that travel downward to a warm, lighted facility. The library consists of crystal skulls, which can hold trillions and trillions of terabytes of data, he explained.


First Hour guest "reformed" tax attorney Steven Hayes has worked to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a retail sales tax called FAIRtax. While he thinks the new tax reform bill is a step in the right direction, it's equally complex as the current system, and is problematic for foreign trade because there's still a bias against American products, as the US doesn't rebate taxes at the border. Regarding FAIRtax, people in DC don't like the idea, he stated, because each time someone makes a purchase, "every single person in this country is going to understand the amount of taxation put upon us by the federal government."

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