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Mind Control Pedophilia VIP Ring Survivor: ‘Cops Stood Guard As I Was Raped By Politicians’ (New Video)

A well-known politician was one of over 100 perpetrators in a massive pedophile ring of over 1000 suspects being investigated for sexually abusing children in the 1980s and 90s, according to a survivor this week. The Guardian story today reads like a European snapshot of what American mind control victim Cathy O’Brien revealed about Hillary Clinton and other top White House officials sexual abusing her and other female MKUltra child victims.

Tom Parmenter, Sky News Correspondent broke the abuse scandal story. In an interview with The Guardian, Esther Baker, 32 said she had identified several of her abusers, including a politician of this era, to police after gaining courage to break her silence. The politician was in a group whose influential members routinely abused young girls in Cannock Chase as uniformed police officers stood guard, she explained.

Fear Keeps Most Ritual Abuse Survivors Silent

Fear keeps most survivors silent, as seen the second YouTube below, a new video of survivors’ accounts.  Baker’s rationale for speaking out is different.

“I’ve spoken out because I hope witnesses will come forward,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be the first one to come out and speak about it. It’s scary, but I felt almost forced to come forward to protect myself. Once it’s out there there’s no point them trying to shut me up.”

Baker’s alleged abusers are among over 1,400 suspects, including 261 high-profile individuals, being investigated as part of an unprecedented nationwide police operation stretching back decades in Staffordshire countryside.

For over 33 hours, Baker gave graphic and detailed testimony to detectives. Another 18 hours of evidence-giving has been planned. Detectives are considering taking her back to Cannock Chase where she was abused over 20 years ago.

Sounds far-fetched? Not to sex slave survivors like Cathy O’Brien, the first to brave the disbelieving masses about America’s VIP mind control pedophilia ring. O’Brien’s experiences go right up to the top of the U.S. political arena.

US White House Mind Control Pedophilia 

O’Brien was a long-time victim of the US government mind-control operation called MKULTRA, exposed even the mainstream media. Much more, however, goes unreported, including what popular Internet editor David Icke calls an “elite offshoot of MKULTRA,” Project Monarch. Monarch mind-controlled slaves like Cathy were forced to serve the will and desires of US presidents and others in those echelons of power and higher.”

“Project Monarch predominantly uses blond-haired, blue-eyed people, which by now will be no surprise. When Cathy escaped from their clutches and began her deprogramming she remembered her extraordinary and horrific experiences as the blocks on her memory were removed.

TRANCE Formation of America, O’Brien’s book, is the first documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. With her deprogrammer, Mark Phillips, O’Brien describes her unspeakable experiences with people like Dick Cheney, Father George Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton. (See: Hillary Clinton Likes It Hot,

O’Brien was so powerfully mind-controlled, she was ‘promoted’ to be a ‘Presidential Model’, a mind-controlled slave detailed to operate with top people in the White House. She and her deprogrammer Mark Phillips say she was used to pass messages between Reagan, Bush and their foreign associates, such as the dictators, Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti, President Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico and Manuel Noriega of Panama, the paid CIA operative working for the US government’s illegal drug trade. She met Hillary Clinton, who performed oral sex on her.

O’Brien, who has a vaginal mutilation from her torture, met Hillary at a guest villa near the CIA’s Near Death Trauma Center in Lampe. The villa owner was Bill Hall, the man Bill Clinton was persuading to join the drug-running operation… Cathy says she was taken to Hillary by Hall’s wife after Clinton ordered her to leave his drug meeting:

Hillary knew I was a mind-controlled slave, and, like Bill Clinton, just took it in stride as a ‘normal’ part of life in politics. [She] was fully clothed and stretched out on the bed sleeping when Hall’s wife and I arrived.
‘Hillary, I brought you something you’ll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I took her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch.’
‘Hmm?’ Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself. ‘Show me’. Hall’s wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched. ‘Is she clean?’ Hillary asked, meaning disease free.
‘Of course, she’s Byrd’s’, [Hall’s wife] responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there. ‘Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean’.
‘It means she’s clean’, Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up.

[Read More: TRANCE Formation of America, by Cathy O'Brien wit Mark Phillips]

Baker says she believes a lord and a judge were also involved in her sexual abuse as a child because their titles were mentioned while the attacks on her were occurring. “I was brought up in a religious household and … I thought they were on God’s authority,” she said.

“I knew they were important but I always thought they were more important in the church. That’s what I related it to at the time. But I knew there were ones that were more special than others.”

A small group of police officers, some uniformed, stood guard while the abuse was taking place and other times they would join in, she said. One officer she recognized from church.

Jon Drake, assistant chief constable of Staffordshire police said, ““To be clear, regardless of role, anyone who has been involved in criminal offences will be investigated to provide justice for the victim.

“Child abuse is a terrible crime, whenever it occurs. We are keen to hear from anyone who knows more about the allegations, or any other victim of child sexual abuse, and they can contact the police through 101, or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Baker broke her silence Tuesday morning in an interview with Sky News. Since then, she’s been inundated with support from fellow child abuse survivors.

For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture support, see S.M.A.R.T.

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