Saturday, May 16, 2015

End Times Orthodox Prophecy: The Stunning Revelations of St Kosmos (Video)

St Kosmos was a great Holy Man of the Orthodox Chruch. He also was know for his Prophecies. Before anyone rejects the idea of personal revelations of Prophecy he/she should watch this video. How could an 18th century monk have seen such things that so closely match modern technology with the events described.
There are numerous texts attributed to St. Cosmas. Most known are his ”Didaches” and “Prophecies”. The texts written personally by St. Cosmas have not survived. His writings are known only from second or third-hand sources. It is believed that these texts are based on Cosmas’ preachings but were written and copied after he died.
In any event any student of End Times Prophecy will find this video of interest!

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