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Get Prepared: 122 Of The Best Prepper Websites On The Internet Read

Getting prepared for the chaos that is coming to America in the years ahead is not that complicated.  Help is out there – if you know where to look.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  In this article, I have put together a list of 122 of the best prepper websites on the internet that will teach you how to prep for free.  The great thing about the prepper community is that there are always highly skilled people that are willing to freely share their knowledge and experience with the general public.  I am constantly being asked about what people need to do in order to get prepared for the hard times that are coming to this country.  And when I am asked, I do my best to encourage people to build up their emergency funds, to store food and supplies, to put together bug out bags and to do everything that they can to become more independent of the system.  But sometimes people need a lot more than that.  Sometimes people need to have someone give them some real hands on practical advice about things like canning food or setting up home defense systems.  So in this article my goal is to connect you with some of the top experts from all over the nation for free.  I think that this list is going to be a great resource for people that they can reference again and again, so don’t forget to bookmark it.
And sadly, the truth of the matter is that most Americans are not prepared for much of anything at this point.  The following statistics come from a survey conducted by the Adelphi Center for Health Innovation.  As you can see, a substantial portion of the population is not even prepared for a basic emergency that would last for just a few days…
  • 44 percent don’t have first-aid kits
  • 48 percent lack emergency supplies
  • 53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home
  • 55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes
  • 52 percent have not designated a family meeting place if they are separated during an emergency
  • 42 percent do not know the phone numbers of all of their immediate family members
  • 21 percent don’t know if their workplace has an emergency preparedness plan
  • 37 percent do not have a list of the drugs they are taking
  • 52 percent do not have copies of health insurance documents
So needless to say, there is a great need to educate the general population about preparedness.
Before we get to the list, I want to explain a few things about it.
First of all, this is a list of sites that offer practical advice about prepping.  So I kept most websites that focus on the news off of it.  Perhaps in the future I will do a list of my favorite alternative news websites.  Some of my favorites include Infowars, Zero Hedge, WND,, TruNews, and Raiders News Update.
I have also not included my websites The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News.
In addition, I have only included websites that offer information for free.  There are a lot of great companies out there that sell some really cool survival supplies, but the goal of this list is to help people find useful information that they can access without cost.
Finally, I want to make it clear that these websites are listed in no particular order.  Some of the best known prepper websites are toward the front of the list, and some of the newer ones are toward the end, but I do not want anyone to get offended if they are not as “high on the list” as they think they should be.  In this list, I have not attempted to assign a value to each site.  All of these sites have excellent information, and in fact some of the ones toward the end have some of the best hands on practical advice.

With that being said, the following are 122 of the best prepper websites on the Internet…
1. Survival Blog
2. American Preppers Network
4. The Survival Mom
5. Urban Survival
6. Natural News
7. Off Grid Survival
8. The Organic Prepper
9. Survival 4 Christians
10. Backdoor Survival
11. Preparedness Mama
12. The Prepper Journal
13. The Suburban Prepper
14. Modern Survival Online
15. Food Storage Moms
16. Off The Grid News
17. The Survivalist Blog
18. Prepper Website
20. Doom And Bloom
21. Prepared Christian
23. Graywolf Survival
24. Provident Living Today
25. Home Ready Home
26. Survival Cache
27. Modern Survival Blog
28. Prepared Housewives
29. Rural Revolution
30. Preparedness Advice Blog
31. Food Storage And Survival
32. The Survival Podcast
34. Mom Prepares
35. Survival And Prosperity
36. Prepared For Survival
38. The Apartment Prepper
39. Ask A Prepper
40. Preparing For SHTF
41. The Home For Survival
42. Mainstream Preppers
43. My Family Survival Plan
44. Prepography
45. Survival Life
46. Prepper Dashboard
47. SHTF School
48. The Survival Doctor
49. Canadian Preppers Network
50. Expert Prepper
51. Maximum Survival
52. Survivor Jane
53. More Than Just Surviving
54. LastOneAlive
55. SGTReport
56. On Point Preparedness
57. SHTF Wiki
58. Food Storage Made Easy
59. Prepper Forums
60. Survivalist Boards
61. Ready Nutrition
62. Tactical Intelligence
63. Family Survival Planning
64. The Prepared Ninja
65. Ed That Matters
66. Seasoned Citizen Prepper
67. The Neighbor Network
68. Mom With A Prep
69. Survival At Home
70. Patriot Rising
71. The Berkey Guy Blog
72. Your Preparedness Story
73. Survival Sherpa
74. Prepper Recon
75. Homestead Dreamer
76. The Doomsday Moose
77. All About Preppers
78. The Deliberate Agrarian
79. The Homestead Survival
80. Preparedness Advice Blog
81. The Daily Prep
82. Prepared Bloggers
83. Active Response Training
84. Survivalist Prepper
85. Mama Kautz
86. Happy Preppers
87. Tin Hat Ranch
88. Living Prepared
89. The Prepper Pages
90. Resilience
91. The Herbal Survivalist
92. The Preppers Life
93. Survive Hive
94. Prepper Resources
95. Omega Tactical And Survival
96. Freedom Preppers
97. Essential Survival
98. Prepared For That
99. Survivopedia
100. A Matter Of Preparedness
101. Practical Tactical
102. SHTF Dad
103. Prepper Ideas
104. Geek Prepper
105. The Poor Man’s Survival Blog
106. Prepper Chimp
108. Survival Prepper Joe
109. The Survival Place Blog
110. Rational Preparedness
111. Code Green Prep
112. Preppers Survive
113. Stealth Survival
114. Totally Ready
115. Preparedness Pro
116. The 7 P’s Blog
117. Preparing With Dave
118. Disaster Mom
119. Destiny Survival
120. Underground Medic
121. An American Homestead
122. Vigil Prudence
So what do you think?
Are there any other great prepper websites or blogs that were left off of this list?
Are there some sites on the list that you feel should not have made it?
Please share this.

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