Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sheriff Joe On Fox News: Obama’s Not The Original Birth Certificate (Video Burning Down Obama)

Sheriff Joe was on Fox News yesterday and hammered Obama as bad as he’s ever been hammered anytime. Bombshell interview where Arpaio says over and over that
“Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent… not the original document.”

1:23. Joe Arpaio: “He (Obama) has never released his birth certificate, never. From Day One I said ‘Give me a photocopy and that’ll go away’. And that didn’t ever – happen. So there’s much misleading information.”
Alan Colmes: “So the president purposefullly released what he knew to be a phoney document when he released his birth certificate?”
Arpaio: ”Yes. I don’t know if he knew about it. I don’t even care where he came from. It has nothing to do with where he was born. I’m talking about a fraudulent document.”

2:00 Colmes (in whining tone): “Birthers don’t accept anything the president releases. He’s released first a short-form then a long-form birth certificate”
Arpaio (repeats three times to drive his point home): “It’s not the original. That is not the original birth certificate. OK? That isn’t the birth certificate.”
(Watch the body language. Colmes a previous law enforcer himself,- at 8:55 Arpaio says ‘You’ve got a law enforcement experience’ - is fearful of Arpaio, a very senior law enforcer. Colmes wipes his mouth in panic. Slams his hand to the desk nervously. Throughout his tone is whining and fearful.). 
Colmes: “But how do you know that? Isn’t the onus on you to prove it?”
Arpaio: “You can prove it’s a forged document. I think that’s a good step foward.”
“Let’s get to the core. Let’s get someone to look at it.”
4:42 Colmes: “Obama’s only president for two more years so you’ve got two more years to prove this, right?”
Arpaio: “It doesn’t matter. What’s that got to do with it? A fraudulent document is a fraudulent document.”
Colmes. “All right Joe Arpaio. Thank you very much for talking to us. Thank you, Sir.”

Sheriff Arpaio Takes On Fox News’ Alan Colmes Over Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

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