Sunday, August 3, 2014

A View From Space with Gary Bell the Spaceman, August 2, 2014

TOPICS:  Death and destruction, torture, Illuminati and religion, borders, the red Babylonian movement, Babylon, Jerusalem, Satan, Templars, Bankers, Banking, Freemasonry, Secret societies, slow and deliberate changes, NWO, masonic symbols, numerology, Windsors, Saturn, Pan, pyramids, isle of glass, King Arthur, Revelation 13, Pan, Jacob's pillar, stone of destiny, house of Israel, Bethle, Led Zeppelin, Bethle, stone of the covenant, Scotland, Ireland, Jacob's pillow, the enemy aka the elites aka the enlightened ones aka the illuminati (Jews), the antichrist, kingdom of Israel, the (false) Messiah, tribe of Dan, tribe of Juda, Arcadia, Benjaminites, Merovingians, Samson, Children of Dan, Jesus, Hotel California, the antichrist.
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