Sunday, March 23, 2014

Russia Taking Alaska?! 6400 Sign Petition To Give Alaska To Russia

by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

The report we filed on YouTube is self explanatory, but it must be noted that our team has been concerned about 2 important geo-political factors:

1) Russia’s interests and successes in securing the Arctic region’s natural resources
2) Reports that Russia wants to take back Alaska

This evening we were digging into the validity of reports about Russia wanting Alaska, and what we discovered was startling.

First, we found a petition posted on signed by 6400 people (as of writing this post). The petition is titled: WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Alaska back to Russia.

Next, we found a huge ream of facts that the USA has been working towards giving Russia the Alaskan sea bed, as well as 8 islands — all without the permission or say-so by the Alaskans.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact that the reader must research themselves by reading the materials in the links below.  Look at the information yourself, and you will not only be shocked about Alaska, you will notice that the USA has been working to help Russia since the days of the old USSR.  Even George W. Bush sounds like an Agenda 21 New World Order communist in his executive orders supporting the Alaskan give-away, using terms such as “climate change” & “environmental sustainability”.  Truly shocking when we started paying attention.

Additionally, one must take a look at Obama’s actions in dealing with Putin and the Russians.  The fact remains that Putin is a former KGB agent from the USSR, and his entire career has been built on assuming his current postition so that he can build Russia back to it’s old world status as the USSR.  Putin is a KGB Communist, and when one observes how Obama is vertually subservient to Putin’s geo-political moves, we must wonder where Obama comes from.

Do a little homework and we realize that Obama is said to be a KGB agent designed to destory America from within.  From Obama’s mysterious background to his present day dessimation of the U.S. Constitution, all signs points towards one thing: Obama may be working for the Communist Soviets all along.  The facts leading up to that conclusion are undeniable, and it is also undeniable that Putin has fooled the world as a New World Order PR master as he nudges the world towards Soviet principles and power.

Stay tuned as our GMN research team dig into the Artic Region’s imortance to Russia.  These Russian oligarchs have funded their transition from communist USSR to a New World Order Sovietization of the world with natural resources.  The Ukraine is important, the Arctic is important, and of course Alaska is important.

Obama Is A KGB Agent

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