Thursday, January 30, 2014

Malachi Martin Vatican Predictions Coming To Pass • Tom Horn w/ Radio Liberty 1.21.14

EXO-VATICANA: REVEALS FOR THE FIRST TIME... UNVEILED! THE VATICAN'S SECRET PLAN for the arrival of an alien god. DISCLOSED! SECRET FILES in the Vatican Library on the reality of the alien presence. FOUND! THE HIDDEN DOCUMENT detailing the Vatican's position on the extraterrestrials. REVEALED! PROJECT LUCIFER and the quest for "Fallen Star." THE ROLE OF PETRUS ROMANUS for the coming Alien Serpent-Savior 2013! THE YEAR top astronomers say the alien world and its inhabitants will be divulged. UNCOVERED! THE COLLINS ELITE, OCCULTISM, and the covert breeding and hybridization program. FINALLY! THE INCREDIBLE FAMILY SECRET Tom Horn has kept concealed for over 40 years! WHAT TOP GOVERNMENT & VATICAN OFFICIALS told Tom Horn & Cris Putnam about the reality of UFOs, Extraterrestrials THE VATICAN'S TOP ASTRONOMER agrees to interview with Horn & Putnam. Read the amazing things he admitted. NICK POPE & OTHER GOVERNMENT INSIDERS open up on the alien reality, set timelines for Disclosure. BACK TO CYDONIA: Artificial structures on other worlds confirmed by the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the NAO. THE ASTONISHING SECRET CODE on a papal proclamation and the seed of Satan. THE MYSTERIOUS GODDESS who watches over the divine children in whom the serpent bloodline survived and from which the serpent-savior emerged. 
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