Saturday, October 26, 2013

NSA The Tip Of The Iceberg with Joe Wolverton II

On this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, guest host Brian Brawdy talks to New American reporter Joe Wolverton II, who says the NSA’s spying is “just the tip of the iceberg” of the federal government’s surveillance efforts.
Of course, one year ago many educated Americans knew very little about the National Security Agency (NSA) – that is, if they had even heard of it. But thanks to a man named Edward Snowden, the entire nation now knows about the NSA, and what they know about it isn’t good.
Wolverton’s article, “The New Age of Surveillance,” details how the federal government, at all levels, is snooping and collecting data on every American, without us even knowing about it.
The government’s position on surveillance, Wolverton says, is simple: “Since we don’t know who is a terrorist, everyone is a suspect.”

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Wolverton also tells listeners:
  • How the IRS, one of the most-feared government agencies, is spying on citizens.
  • How the collection of records for Obamacare negatively impacts not only our privacy but could negatively affect our health.
  • What other agencies are snooping on Americans, and exactly how involved the surveillance is.
  • How something you say today on the phone or in an email could be used against you eight years down the road.
  • Just how many emails and text messages the NSA is collecting.
  • What the NSA and other government agencies do with the data they collect.
  • How everyday Americans can beat the NSA, beginning at the local level.
Wolverton says it’s a “frightening country” to live in right now, but all hope is not lost. He tells listeners how they can fight back.
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