Saturday, April 27, 2013

The New World Order History Of April Sacrifices

They were gonna have a dirty bomb in Boston, blame it on the Iranians! We know who that benefits. Cui Bono? Why else do we see Mercs with radiation detectors out right after the blast? Debka was dumping all over the FBI after the incident. WHY? Because the FBI reduced the incident down to nails and BBs. Catch the perps, but with minimal damage.....Why are Obama supporters so obsessed with taking guns & freedom of speech through the internet arming terrorists in Syria,Libya,Egypt, arming DHS better than our military, yet anyone who questions this is called a nut job or is wearing tin foil hats, No we just hate Obama because he is a war criminal just like Bush & Clinton, and those President are secret society members who had to do homosexual acts in Bohemien Grove to be President that's just gay! 

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