Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund "By all that is Zeus" 2012-08-02

 The rituals of the Illuminati are the opening ceremony of the Olympics. They excel in child sacrifice. The Google Rings Doodle a code for death. The Olympic fencing doodle reveals the target. The Olympic archery doodle another 9/11. The Olympics doodle takes us to underground London a maze of old war tunnels. Disney film Tron shows a nuclear explosion under Olympic images. The Shard laser show set to sharia law. Nullification. The economy is still on track to oblivion. Some say very soon. The Super Entity of big business. Ancient discoveries. Oil price rigging. Mary TV. The two faces of James Holmes. UN sets state's rights and sovereignty over people's in arms treaty. Clinton gave Iran the bomb. Big Brother advances and a few victories. By all that is Zeus on Conspiracy Cafe.

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