Friday, January 20, 2012

The Alchemists of Wall Street behind the collapse of the Financial system

The Alchemists of Wall Street behind the collapse of the financial system . These guys really do not respect the profession. yeah you're making a LOT of money,Money to buy their own island ,jet, building, yacht, restaurant. its like the emotions in the movie 21, you get money, you feel high. You create a mathematical framework and make some more money, you get high but in the end, who cares? It's only money, they worship it for god sakes. These people live, eat, breath and sleep money. What's the point? I'd get my few million and just leave forever and never look back. That world looks profoundly depressing. James Sinclair has said: The formulas established by these people, regarding settlement & risk (for derivatives, etc) often times resembled... "a cartoon". The assumption behind a lot of this stuff was that "no matter what happened" (i.e. no matter how crazy or unworkable and unrealistic these formulas were) the markets would "work things out" and everything would "balance out". These formulas were also perverted further to hide risk in many cases. This was done to make Wall Street thugs rich.

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