Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Government GPS Spying - Lauren Weinstein - C2CAM - 2011.12.03

Government agents can literally sneak onto your property at 4 in the morning, install a GPS unit on your car and start tracking you. This does not violate the Fourth Amendment rights, you are not expected to keep your driveway private

Privacy & Technology expert Lauren Weinstein joined Ian Punnett to provide an update on how the government is secretly using GPS devices to track people without search warrants.the government can turn on your cell phone's microphone through the gps chip and listen to your conversations... Even when the cell phone is off. Lauren Weinstein discusses a range of "Internet Freedom" issues, including your new car spying on you, Event Data Recorders and GPS tracking by police ,The Government legally use GPS to Track Your every Movement ,COICA legislation, domain seizures, top level domains (TLDs), DNS, privacy, security, Internet shutdowns, "Zombie" Cookies - Thoughts on the proposed "Do Not Track" list - Future of the pervasive Internet and associated policy issues - Can the entire Internet crash? (and reliability concerns) - The importance of transparency - The potential of wireless spectrum "White Spaces" - The politicizing of technology issues.bandwidth caps, ISPs, video competition, net neutrality, security, biometrics, Facebook, anonymity, top-level domain (TLD) controversies (e.g., "dot-ex-ex-ex"), Internet history, "Do-Not-Track" free speech, data retention, government and legal issues, censorship, DOJ, network neutrality,Facebook privacy issues and much more.

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