Friday, April 8, 2011


Thanks to viewers like you the show goes on. Look. Look. A ship on the horizon...I mean fault line. The 3 year mission of the drilling ship Chikyu of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program making the deepest holes in history on the Japanese fault line. 78 killed in underground Yemen arms plant blast. Was it the location of the nuke revealed in the Bible Code? Harper disqualified from running for public office after being found in contempt of Parliament. There is only one candidate in all elections globally Mr. Bill D. Berger. We don't have elections. We have illusions. Mainstream reporting inflation and economic crisis on the horizon. BBC shows the dominoes are set to fall. Missing nuclear scientist found dead connected to the notorious Hanford site. Scientists gagged over dolphin deaths in the Gulf. Hadron Collider opens the 'time' issue. The many faces of Muammar. London riots. GMO protests. Obama protests in Brasil bring tear gas and rubber bullets. Obama's new dawn same as the old new dawn in the Communist Manifesto. Kinetic War. You got your own central bank. You got war. Obama redefines balanced budget by decree. The interest on the debt isn't counted any more. GE pays no taxes. Japanese decision to spray reactor with water caused the explosion. Reactor was scheduled to close in February but was given a new lease on life. On Conspiracy Cafe - Topplegangers.

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