Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mayor's broom is needed now

Earlier this week -- on Day 16 of the strike -- I bumped into Mayor David Miller as he sneaked out of Socialist Silly Hall through the underground garage to avoid his picketing CUPE pals parked at the front door.

He was not at all pleased to have run into me. No more thrilled I'd guess than the thought of having to come into the City Hall bunker because after all he is the mayor and the business of the city must go on (even if it has dwindled to just a few photo ops.)

Judging from his haggard look, he's not the least bit happy, either, that 30,000 members of CUPE locals 79 and 416 have done their supposed friend -- him -- wrong by daring to stay off the job for an unexpected 21 days now. (more)

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