Sunday, January 9, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: January 6: Oh my God there really is Conspiracy on Conspiracy Cafe

From this small seed a mighty tree is growing as Conspiracy Cafe takes the lead on That Channel; poison gas ship transits the Great Lakes over the 'holidays' in false flag gone terribly wrong; 75% of the chinese crew taken to hospital; food cargo taken to hazardous waste berth in Montreal; ship Hermann Schoening visited Australia's Fort Detrick; rumour mill rife Prime Minister's wife had an affair with RCMP bodyguard in gender identity crisis; PM trades away Canada in Shared Vision treaty coming soon; Arkansas dead birds and fish have a common vector Pine Bluffs WMD storage site; massive chemical plant explosion in the Netherlands kills birds in Sweden; CFR insider murdered in cult ritual; MITRE Corporation his employer has a major role in the NWO; Markus Hess pre-911 hacker and the 'superuser' access to America's defences; Falls Church Va. and the beltway sniper, Major Hassan, and Fort Hood, and MITRE's subsidiary Noblis, the FAA computer all have a common vector; plan to level WTC crafted in 1976; new money coming; private pension schemes steal your money; Glenn Beck's hyperinflation model; the 15 Commandments? Oh my God there really is Conspiracy on Conspiracy Cafe.

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